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If you are new to dabbing, look no further!  The benefits of using a Recycler Dab Rig for your favorite legal concentrates such as wax, oil or honey are vast. Maybe you are intrigued by the extra features of a recycler dab rig, or maybe you want to try a dab pen or a mini dab rig. If you are doubtful in any way of what a recycler Dab Rig features, let us assure you that a recycler might change the way you dab altogether.  The specific features of a well-made rig uses its tubes to control the heat with the use of water filtration and airflow. What does all of this complex recycling mean for the end result? You get a cool hit that is silky smooth!

A great Recycler Dab Rig will add a lot to anyone’s collection of unique glass pieces. If you have been smoking your concentrates on an ordinary dab rig, a recycler is the next logical step towards the elite smoking experience you are always craving. A Recyler is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to best fit your needs and your personal sense of style. The main attraction of a recycler is the cooler temperatures of the smoke by the time it reaches your mouth, so no need to worry about a hit that’s too big or too hot. In addition, the water also filters the smoke, so what you inhale is generally cleaner for your body.

The Mini Tornado Recycler offers great function in a smaller (6" tall) package

If you are new to Recyclers, you can rest easy knowing that years of experience have ensured that the glass-blowers know exactly what they are doing to ensure the perfect results for your smoking experience. You might think that splash back would be a problem in rigs that use water so extensively, but the designs are perfected to prevent splash back using the second chamber. Hit it as hard as you want and don’t worry about water near your face or mouth. Finally, with decreasing the amount of air in the system, recycler rigs reduce the danger of your hit getting stale by the time it reaches you. Enjoy these smooth cool hits that a recycler dab rig offers.

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