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Spoon Pipes

Spoon Pipes, also known as hand pipes or dry pipes, are the most widely known and most popular hand pipes used by smokers worldwide. Named for their spoon-like shape, spoon hand pipes are likely the most popular due to their straightforward functionality, portability and variety of available styles. These pipes feature a top bowl, side carb hole and mouthpiece and are one of the simplest hand pipe styles to use.

Although Spoon Hand Pipes are usually more simple in design, they still offer a variety of unique styles from many artists including Vulcan, Chameleon Glass, Marley Natural,  and Nameless  Glass, just to name a few. Spoon hand pipes are typically made of glass, however may also be found in other material types such as Silicone. Here at Smokers Vice, we offer a large variety of styles, colors, features and sizes, fitting every personality and every level of smoker.