A Steamroller is a unique dry hand pipe designed for a quick clear hit with ease. This is the perfect for group seshes with friends!

Steamrollers feature a streamlined cylindrical design with a carb positioned on the end of the pipe.  When released, the position of this carb allows air to travel more easily through the pipe, guiding smoke into your lungs with very little resistance.

A bonus feature on some steamrollers are the glass “feet” located on the bottom of the pipe that help keep the pipe in place when lying on a flat surface. These come in handy when trying to pack the bowl and you don’t want your pipe rolling away.

The traditional herb designed steamroller has the two open ends, and the bowl is often indented near the carb end. Most bowls are relatively small, but you won’t need a lot of product for a hard hit. Remember, steamrollers are notorious for the hits they can produce!