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Vulcan Glass Art Wig Wag Mini Banger Hanger

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The Vulcan Glass Art Wig Wag Banger Hanger is the perfect travel dab rig.  It stands at about 5.5" tall with a 2 hole diffuser and a 14 mm female joint.  The fixed diffused downstem helps cool your favorite vapor and really gets the job done!  With the beaker shape and bent neck, you can hit them surprisingly hard without any splash back.  In the beaker base, a stylish wig wag design is inside.  Each piece is unique and will have a slightly different design. This compact piece is hand-blown in the USA, so size may vary slightly.  

  • Artist: Vulcan Glass Art 
  • Vulcan Glass Mini Banger Hanger
  • Glass Mini Rig
  • Wig Wag Base Design
  • 14mm Joint
  • 2 Hole Diffuser
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Compact for Portability
  • Made in the USA


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