Nameless Glass Curly Hammer Bubbler Pipe

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The Nameless Glass Curly Hammer Bubbler offers great function in a handheld portable design.  This pipe features a built-in slitted diffuser to smooth and cool smoke with a small amount of water in its deep chamber. It has a carb hole allowing for extra control of your hits. With a comfortable, rounded mouthpiece and a flat bottom, this hammer bubbler pipe rests safely on any flat surface.  The pipe is hand made of the highest grade boro glass with varying patterns.  The marble accents adorning the bowl really add to this design! Different color combinations are available and may vary slightly as these are all hand made. 
  • Brand: Nameless Glass
  • Nameless Glass Hammer Bubbler
  • Glass Hand Pipe
  • Length: 6"
  • Hammer Bubbler Design
  • Flat Base (allowing it to stand upright)
  • Available in different color combinations (see below)
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Carb Hole


  • Red: Red/Blue
  • Orange: Orange/Blue
  • Blue: Blue/Green
  • Green: Red/Green

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