Nameless Glass 18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstem

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If you broke your downstem, or just want a different style, this 6-slit 18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstem by Nameless Glass is a great way to add some percolation to your existing piece.  Available in several different lengths, this diffused downstem is used to connect a 14mm slide/bowl into an 18mm stemless opening.  The standard 6-slit style is the most common in bongs.  Length is measured from the tip of the joint to the bottom of the downstem. Anything sitting above the joint is not counted in the measurement.  If this isn't the right smoking accessory for you, browse through our online head shop to find a wide selection of affordable smoking accessories to add to your collection.

  • Brand: Nameless Glass
  • Nameless Glass Downstem
  • Glass Replacement Downstem
  • Glass Smoking Accessories
  • Replacement  Downstem
  • 18mm Joint to 14mm Bowl
  • Holds 14mm Male Bowls
  • Clear Borosilicate Glass
  • 6-Slit Diffused Downstem
  •  Available:  3.25",  4.0" , 4.75"

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