Chameleon Glass Silverado Sherlock Pipe

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The Chameleon Glass Silverado Sherlock Pipe features color changing fumed glass and a classic old-style drop-down design with a medium-sized bowl. The marbles on the side add to the aesthetic while also offering you something to hold onto for grip.  The feet on the bottom of the bowl keep it from rolling over while on a flat surface and stable while you are loading her up!  The size and weight make this glass pipe portable, so take it with you anywhere and everywhere!    If this isn't the Sherlock Pipe for you, browse through our online headshop for a whole selection of Chameleon Glass Water Pipes, Hand Pipes and Dab Rigs!

  • Artist: Chameleon Glass
  • Glass Smoking Pipe
  • Sherlock Design
  • Hand Pipe
  • Marble Feet to Keep From Rolling
  • Color: Yellow Fumed Color Changing Glass
  • Hand-Blown in the USA




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