Chameleon Glass Flower Head w/ Glow Dots

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The Chameleon Glass Flower Head with Glow Dots Glass Pipe is a favorite of ours. The pipe features an inside out designed flower pattern inset on the head of the pipe. Glow in the dark glass rod is used to create a line of dotted marbles from the mouthpiece, up the neck, and to the bowl in a pattern.  The glow dots react to UV/black light, and turn a 3rd color, however, the dots appear white in regular light, greenish when it’s dark, and blueish when you shine it with black light. It’s like getting 3 different looks in one!  The Spoon Pipe has a carb hole on the left side of the deep bowl and with the 4" length it fits comfortable in your hand.  Chameleon Glass pipes are hand-blown in the USA with the highest quality materials.  As a bonus, you will receive a travel pouch for added protection when you are on-the-go! 

  • Artist: Chameleon Glass
  • Chameleon Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Glass Hand Pipe
  • Length: 4" (May Vary Slightly)
  • Detailed Features
  • Carb Hole
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Thick Heavy Scientific Glass
  • Colored Glass Tubing
  • Deep Bowl
  • Includes Free Travel Pouch
  • Hand-Blown in the USA

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