Chameleon Glass Breast Cancer Awareness Hand Pipe

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The Chameleon Glass Breast Cancer Awareness Hand Pipe features the Pink Ribbon Motif as a representation to all those and their families that have been affected by cancer.  The Ribbon Campaign is a call or recall for attention to the fact that a cure has not yet been found, so keeping it recognizable in the public eye, keeps it on the forefront so the right people are sensitized to keep working on that cure!

The Breast Cancer Spoon Pipe has a carb hole on the left side to control the airflow and is hand-blown in the USA with the highest quality materials that Chameleon Glass is known for.  This 4.5" dry spoon pipe fits comfortably in your hand so you can take it anywhere.  It includes a travel pouch so you're ready to go!  

  • Artist:  Chameleon Glass
  • Chameleon Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Hand Pipe
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Portable
  • Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Motif
  • Carb Hole on the Left Side
  • Includes a Travel Pouch
  • Hand-Blown by Chameleon Glass
  • Hand-Blown in the USA

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