The Hulk - 20" Water Pipe

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Incredible 20" Hulk Water Pipe

The Incredible Green Hulk Water Pipe by Nameless Glass soars at 20 inches in height and is sleek in design.  It features a honeycomb disk perc just above the base and has a 12-arm tree perc in the middle of the chamber. Up toward the flared mouthpiece are clear marbles which further accentuate the styling of this piece.  The 14mm female joint is supported by a Dewar's Joint and leads into the bottom chamber.  This next chamber contains an inset perc with 12 slits. After your smoke filters through all 12 arms, it works its way up through the second chamber. This chamber has the opening for the tree perc located at the third level.  Next your smoke will travel into the straight tube which includes a splash guard and a three pinched ice catcher. The splash guard prevents water from coming up and the ice catcher holds ice to cool your smoke to give you a smooth inhale. Place your lips on the flared mouthpiece and be prepared for a multi-filtered icy hit. The pipe has a thick base keeping your water pipe steady while you enjoy your smoking experience.  The Hulk is clear glass with green accents and includes a matching 14mm male bowl.    


• Brand: Nameless Glass
 • Nameless Glass Water Pipe
• Unique Bong
• Height: 20"
• Clear Glass with Green Accents
• Borosilicate Glass
• Thick Wide Base
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Honeycomb Disk Perc
• 12-Arm Tree Perc
• Ice Pinch
• Marble Design at Mouthpiece 
• Includes 14mm Male Bowl 
• Weighs Over 2lbs

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Color Green
Brand Nameless Glass
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