The Classic Beaker Bong by Nameless Glass - 13"

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The Classic Beaker Bong by Nameless Glass - 13"

The Classic Beaker Bong by Nameless Glass soars at 13 inches in height.  This simple piece is sleek, functional and affordable. It's made of thick borosilicate glass and features a 3.5" 18mm to 18mm removable downstem with a 3 pinch ice catcher located at the bottom of the long chamber allowing you to pile on lots of ice for smooth cold hits. Watch through the transparent scientific glass as smoke gathers in the wide beaker base, then travel up through the ice cubes suspended in the ice catcher. From the filtration of the diffused downstem and cooled smoke from a neck full of ice, you will get smooth, tasty hits every time. The bong also includes a 18mm male deep bowl to hold your favorite herbs.  At this great price, this piece is a perfect addition to your collection!   


•  Brand: Nameless Glass 
•  Thick Scientific Glass
•  3.5"  18mm to 18mm Downstem
•  Removeable Downstem
•  Includes 18mm Male Deep Bowl
•  Triple Pinch Ice Catcher
•  45º Joint
•  Flared Mouthpiece
•  Classic Design

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Color Clear
Brand Nameless Glass
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