Nameless Glass Jolly Roger Beaker Bong

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The Jolly Roger Beaker Bong by Nameless Glass is frosted black with a white skeleton design throughout the bong. The beaker base is designed to hold lots of smoke so you get massive hits. The middle of the chamber houses a three pinch ice catcher.  Just drop a few ice cubes through the mouth of the bong, and you will taste the difference. The stacked ice cools down the smoke as it travels through while you are inhaling and the smoke become icy fresh.

The mouthpiece of the bong is extra thick clear glass and flared for comfort.  It offers a good seal so none of the great tasting smoke escapes. The bong includes a matching, deep 14mm male bowl, which fits perfectly into the removable down stem. The diffused down stem extends into the chamber of the bong, transporting the smoke into the water. This feature, along with the ice catcher, will consistently produce great tasting smoke!

This stylish Beaker Bong is made from the highest grade of borosilicate thick glass and stands 12 inches tall.  Definitely a cool piece to have in your collection!  If this isn't the bong for you, check out our other Nameless Glass bongs online throughout our online smoke shop!!  -  Limited quantities!!

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    • Brand: Nameless Glass
    • Nameless Glass Water Pipe
    • Glass Water Pipe
    • Beaker Bong Design
    • Skeleton Theme
    • Height: 12"
    • Frosted Glass
    • 14mm Quartz Bowl  Included
    • Removable Diffused Down Stem
    • Black Glass with Gold Accents
    • Ice Pinch
    • Thick Borosilicate Glass

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