Nameless Glass Double Tree 8-Arm Perc Straight Tube Bong - 12"

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The Double Tree 8-Arm Perc Straight Tube  Bong by Nameless Glass stands 12.5" tall and offers lots of filtration with its twin 8-arm tree percs.  It features sleek, clear, borosilicate glass that allows you to watch the water pipe function.  As the smoke passes through the ice, it's cooled and allows for tasty smooth hits.  The flared mouthpiece on this water pipe makes it conform perfectly to your mouth for superior comfort and a great seal.  The 3.5" 18mm to 14mm removable downstem with slits at the bottom houses a male bowl.  The slits diffuse your smoke into the straight tube chamber where you will find the 8-arm tree perc.  Above this perc, is another twin perc and ice pinch. 

This perfectly designed straight tube bong by Nameless Glass will produce flavorful hits all day long!  Be sure to check out all our other smoking accessories and Bongs online to mix and match for your collection!

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  • Brand: Nameless Glass
  • Nameless Glass Bong
  • Straight Tube Bong
  • Unique Bong Design
  • Height: 12.5"
  • Clear Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Bowl Included - 18mm
  • Double 8-Arm Tree Percs
  • Flared Mouthpiece for Tight Seal and Comfort
  • 18mm Female Joint
  • Ice Pinch
  • Wide Base for Stability


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