Nameless Glass 2-Piece 18" Beaker Water Pipe

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This Nameless Glass 2-Piece 18" Water Pipe is a new 2 piece design that comes apart for easier cleaning and storage, not to mention how cool it looks. The beaker within a beaker design of the lower chamber gives it the added function we all want. The upper chamber features a matrix perc with room for ice to cool your smoke. This piece will not disappoint!  Complete with the Keck Clip and 14mm bowl, this is definitely a unique bong that will make a great addition to your collection!!   Remember to check out all our other Nameless Glass accessories online to mix and match with your new beaker bong!

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  • Brand:  Nameless Glass
  • Nameless Glass Beaker Bong
  • Height: 18"
  • Joint Size:  14mm
  • Colored Glass Accents
  • Removable Downstem
  • Matrix Perc
  • Keck Clip to keep things secure
  • Beaker Base

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