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Nameless Glass 18mm to 14mm 5-arm Tree Perc Downstem

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Whether you broke your old downstem, or you are looking for a different style, the Nameless Glass 18mm to 14mm 5-arm Tree Perc Downstem is a great way to add some percolation to your existing piece.  This Tree Perc Downstem with 5-arms filters your smoke when it leaves the downstem. Its 5 arms diffuses your smoke well before it reaches your lips for a smooth smoking experience.  Choose the size that fits your bong best.  If this isn't the right smoking accessory for you, browse through our online head shop to find a wide selection of affordable smoking accessories to add to your collection.

 **Length is measured from the tip of the joint to the bottom of the downstem. Anything sitting above the joint is not counted in the measurement.

  • Brand: Nameless Glass
  • Nameless Glass Downstems
  • Glass Replacement Downstems
  • Glass Smoking Accessories
  • 18mm Joint to 14mm Bowl
  • Available In Multiple Lengths (4", 4.5" or 5")
  • Holds 14mm Male Bowls
  • 5-Arm Downstem
  • Clear Glass
  • Joint: Male
  • Joint: 18mm 
  • Tree Perc

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