Empire Glassworks Avocadope Bong

Empire Glassworks Avocadope Bong

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The Avocado Bong by Empire Glassworks is a fun piece for all avocado lovers that is sure to be the talk of all your friends. The "Avocadope" bong has 3 worked glass avocados throughout the piece. One of them being the 14mm male bowl itself that will hold your favorite dry herb.  The trench for dry herbs is the hole from the pit of the avocado.  The second avocado is perched on the fixed, diffused downstem located within the chamber of the bong.  The diffused downstem percolator performs very well when it comes to filtration. At the end of the perc are numerous slits that help form filtration bubbles with your smoke.  The final avocado is the largest one on the bong, which provides the bent neck and mouthpiece.

All three avocados are extremely detailed, worked glass, including skin and pit.  They look and feel just like a real avocado thanks to the special texturing. Empire Glassworks is known for bringing you awesome and unique heady glass pieces. The quality on this rig is unsurpassed!! 

  • Brand: Empire Glassworks
  • Empire Glassworks Bong
  • Heady Glass Bong
  • Height: 6.5"
  • 90° Joint
  • Dope Avocado Design
  • Empire Avocado Collection
  • 14mm Joint
  • Includes: 14mm Male Avocado Bowl
  • 3-Hole Fixed Diffuser Downstem
  • Hand-Blown in the USA

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