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Chameleon Glass Stryder Pipe

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The Chameleon Glass Stryder Pipe is a popular Sherlock Design hand pipe. It features the signature Chameleon color change fuming (gold & silver), the large bowl which is perfectly matched with the length and shape of this pipe.  What you get is absolute perfection. The spacing between the bowl and mouthpiece creates a good cooling action on your smoke, and it’s super easy to clear each and every pull. The marble feet allow the hand pipe to stand upright for loading or be out on when its not in use!  This is one piece you won’t want to hide away!  

  • Artist: Chameleon Glass
  • Chameleon Glass Hand Pipe
  • Glass Hand Pipe
  • Glass Smoking Pipe
  • Stryder Hand Pipe
  • Color Change Fuming (Gold & Silver)
  • Length: 7"
  • Deep Bowl
  • Sherlock Style Hand Pipe
  • Marble Feet Allowing Pipe to Stand Upright
  • Hand-Blown in the USA


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