Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler

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Marley Natural Rise Up Smoked Glass Bubbler Pipe

This Marley Natural Rise Up Smoked Glass Bubbler Pipe is quite unique in its design!  Marley Natural offers a top of the line quality piece made from hand-blown black tinted borosilicate glass resulting in the best quality!  The beautiful symmetry and intelligent proportions help create an elevated smoking experience you'll love  

This sleek one-piece Bubbler delivers extra filtration from it's eight slit percolator stem and has an ash catcher built in.  The carb diameter both clears the smoke and fills & drains the water.  This pipe stands just over 5 inches tall.  It's a great addition to your collection!  

    **This Bubbler is a showpiece you can proudly display! Your purchase of a Marley Natural RISE UP, piece supports a social impact initiative created to address the injustices of cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs. By aligning with causes that reflect Bob Marley’s vision of social, economic, and environmental justice, RISE UP helps people and communities around the world RISE UP and make meaningful strides toward a brighter future.  This glass hand bubbler features bold scarlet letters to remind you of this powerful cause.  Don't forget to browse through our other Marley Natural Rise Up pipes and bongs for sale on our online head-shop!


•  Brand: Marley Natural
•  Marley Natural Hand Pipe
•  Marley Natural Glass Bubbler
•  Glass Bubbler Pipe
•  One-Piece design
•  Thick Smoked Borosilicate Glass
•  Rise Up Lettering
•  8-Slit Percolator Stem
•  Splashguard
•  Large Carb Hole
•  Built in Ash Catcher
•  Length: 5.25" / Height: 5" / Diameter: 2"
•  Made in the USA

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Color Black
Brand Marley Natural
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