HVY Glass Loop Neck Bubble Showerhead Water Pipe

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HVY Glass Loop Neck Bubble Showerhead Water Pipe - Green Wrap

This Loop Neck Showerhead Bong, with green lip wrap and accents, is a unique piece that is sure to be a great conversation starter. The loop neck design makes this piece smoke like a large bong yet remain small in physical size. It features a showerhead perc in the bubble portion that will diffuse your smoke for smooth hits while the loop design serves as a natural splashguard.  The flared mouthpiece provides a tight seal when smoking and boasts a beautifully wrapped lip in a deep emerald green.  The thick wide base is also wrapped in the same green providing a stunning accent to this pipe.  A matching 14mm male bowl with green marbles is included as well.  This bong is definitely meant to be on display!


•  Brand: HVY Glass
•  Height: 10"
•  Width: 7" (widest point)
•  Joint: 14mm
•  Matching 14mm Male Bowl with Green Marble Design
•  Deep Emerald Green Wrap Around Lip
•  Deep Emerald Green Wrap Around Base
•  Showerhead Perc
•  Natural Splashguard
•  Made in USA

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Color Green
Brand HVY Glass
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