Half Fab Egg Triple Recycler by Nameless Glass

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Half Fab Egg Triple Recycler by Nameless Glass

This Half Fab Egg Triple Recycler by Nameless Glass combines art and science resulting in  an awesome piece with incredible function. Three tubes wrap in and out of the half fab egg body. Three pistons are suspended inside the chambers and all connect to various parts of the bong. The Half Fab Egg Triple Recycler has an inline perc as well, which has multiple slits on the bottom to diffuse your smoke as soon as it enters the bong. The inline percolator is directly connected to the 14mm female joint of the recycler. A 14mm male bowl fits snugly into this joint. This bowl is deep to allow for hefty packs of your favorite dry herbs. The recycler has a flared mouthpiece, another great asset, as it creates an airtight seal while inhaling. You will love the function on this piece!   Choose your color: Blue accents, Green accents or all Clear Glass. 


• Brand: Nameless Glass
• Nameless Glass Bong
• Glass Water Pipe
• Triple Reycler
• 90° Joint
• Height: 10"
• Width: 6"
• Half Fab Egg Design / 4 Chambers
• Choice of Accent Color:  Clear, Blue or Green
• Clear Borosilicate Glass
• Extreme Filtration
• Inline Perc
• Bent Neck 
• Includes 14mm Male Bowl
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Thick Wide Base for Stability

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