Double Chamber Bubbler Pipe

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Double Chamber Bubbler Pipe

This Double Chamber Bubbler Pipe offers all the benefits of a water pipe in one handheld, portable platform.  Double chambers means you will get a cool, filtered, smooth smoke.  This Borosilicate glass pipe features an arm tree perc and a showerhead perc for your favorite dry herbs.  While having two completely separate chambers filling up with smoky goodness, the Double Chamber Bubbler Pipe gives you double the diffusion, filtration and smoke capacity. You get "double" the benefits from one great design!  Plus, with its angled flat bottom design, it sits comfortable on any flat surface and includes a 14mm matching glass bowl.  This is really a must have piece!  (Choice of accent colors: Blue of Green)   


•  Brand: Nameless Glass
•  Quality Borosilicate Glass
•  Clear Glass
•  Glass Pipes
•   Novelty Pipes
•  Female 14mm Joint
•  Male 14mm Matching Bowl Included
•  Portable Double Chamber Design
•  Includes Matching Glass Bowl
•  Choice of 2 Accent Colors (Blue of Green)
•  Flat Bottom Base to Stand Upright
•  Fixed Downstem with Slitted Showerhead Diffuser
•  Showerhead Perc
•  Slitted ArmTree Perc
•  Handheld Design

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