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Let’s face it, sometimes you are eying that new bong or dab rig and you know it is going to be difficult to come up with that amount of cash all at once. That is why Smokers Vice has teamed up with Sezzle to offer you flexible payment solutions. So, go ahead and grab that piece you really want, spend more time smoking and less time saving!

When you go to purchase your item using Sezzle, the payment screen will look like the photo below:

What is Sezzle?

Sezzle’s motto is “Shop now, Pay later”. Basically, Sezzle offers a scheduled payment plan for shoppers. The best part is there is ZERO INTEREST. So, you will not pay more for a piece just because you are paying it over time.

Your payments are broken down to four installments over six weeks. Should you want to pay it off early, all you have to do it go to your Sezzle dashboard and follow the steps outlined there.

When will my product ship?

Your product will ship immediately. No waiting until you have made your last payment for it to ship.

When do I make my first payment?

You make the first payment the day you make your purchase.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no fees and no interest when choosing this payment plan. We, the merchant, pay all the fees when a customer chooses to use Sezzle

If an item is on sale or I use a discount code, can I still use Sezzle?

Yes, whether the product is on sale, or you use a discount code, you are still eligible to use Sezzle. Sezzle takes the total and divides it into 4 equal payments. This includes tax and shipping.

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