What is a bong? How does a bong work?

What is a bong? How does a bong work?

Whether you are new to smoking or new to bongs in general, water pipes (bongs) are a great way to smoke your favorite substance. The bong dates back about 2400 years where bongs made of solid gold were used to smoke cannabis in what is now Russia. They were also used in China during the Ming Dynasty where they were used to smoke tobacco. 


Bongs can come in many sizes and materials. There are glass, silicone, and arylic bongs. There are a few basic shapes. There is the beaker bong, which uses a wide base to hold more water. Holding more water means there is more stability, you will be less likely to knock this piece off the table. The straight tube design uses a single straight tube and the downstem comes in somewhere around 1/3 of the way up the piece. A s

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